Is Cardio Worth It?

Go to any gym, and most women are glued to the cardio machines. More often than not, it’s in effort to slim down and drop any and all excess body fat. Unfortunately, cardio as a tool for fat loss isn’t that effective. Hell, it’s not that effective for men, but for women, it’s even worse! 

You see, to drop a pound of fat, you have to create about a 3500 calorie deficit. Assuming you’re fit and you can exercise at a moderate pace for up to an hour, that’s like 6-10 hours of exercise to drop one pound of fat, depending on your weight (heavier people burn more calories).

And that’s best case scenario, unfortunately it doesn’t quite play out like that. In men, more exercise tends to result in a mild to moderate increase in appetite.

However, in women, when they exercise more, they pretty much eat back almost everything they burned at the gym.

This is because women have stronger appetite regulation in response to exercise. 

Remember, fat loss is the result of eating less than you burn. If cardio gets you to eat more, the fat loss effects become seriously diminished, suffice to say.

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